The Power of Words for Shifting the Way We Think

It’s not uncommon in America to talk about race, systemic inequalities, and political divisions, without ever really getting to the root of our problems. At SCL, we believe that these problems are fundamentally rooted in this country’s practice of ethnocide, and we lack the language to accurately articulate our current disparities. In this newsletter, we bring you new words and philosophies in the hopes of cultivating the ideas, conversations, and actions we wish to see. You will find that we cover topics such as:

  • How gentrification is an example of ethnocide, where capitalism prices out a group and make them the gentrifiers to a more affordable community.

  • We look at American concepts of race, and how terms such as “post-racial” or “anti-racist” legitimize race far too much.

  • We dive into the philosophical meaning and history behind the word “essence” and how imperialists have prioritized it ahead of “existence.”

The Sustainable Culture Lab

SCL is a cultural think tank based in Washington D.C. committed to combatting and raising awareness of ethnocide and cultivating eǔtopian spaces, or good places that can exist. Our work focuses on elevating cultural discourse by bringing attention to language, creating new laws and policies, and fostering new culture through our community events and discussions. This newsletter is brought to you by SCL’s co-founders Barrett Holmes Pitner and Jackie Byun.

You can go to our website to see the many ways in which we use the intersectionality of art, language, and philosophy to create sustainable change.

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